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On Construction Machinery

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Anişmak, established in 1984, took its place in the Turkish market by providing the most needed products. The company has widened the scope of operations each year, and started to produce platforms for construction machinery in 1990.

Anişmak became the distributor of ITM Intertractor for Turkey in 2005, strengthening its import/export lines and ensuring service continuity with a service network covering the globe.

In 2007, Anişmak started collaborating with Jemco – JSB, and continues to a leading firm in the sector, with a professional staff, continuously improving technological infrastructure, quality approach, institutional character and over 5,000 different products available.

Product Groups

Track Group

Complete frames of tracked machines contains upper guide roller, crawler drive gear, tension wheel ,crawler road roller and chains
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Chasis Groups

A-Track designs and manufactures complete chassis groups needed in many sectors and provides support for spare parts. 500 KG. Chassis solutions from 40 Tons
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This is the toughest environment earthmoving machines can operate in, with remote sites, difficult geological situations and often extreme meteorological conditions. Mining machinery, therefore needs to be reliable, durable and with a competitive cost per hour. Anismak offer quality, reliability and fast support.


The construction industry is probably the sector with the broadest range of applications: excavators, dozers, track mounted cranes and cranes with special attachments. As an anismak, we have a quite product range for this sector.

Road Construction

The road building industry presents two major applications for tracked vehicles: milling machines and paver machines. In addition to wide stock support, it also offers production options according to revision and sample.

Special Production

Anismak delivers engineered solutions for special applications, thanks to its all-round expertise. Its long-standing experience, highly qualified technical staff, flexible and custom made production make Anismak the ideal solution partner for any project.