Track and Carrier Roller

The carrier roller is a makes the crawler chains from rubbing against the chassis and which is rotating around the spindle in contact with the pallet chain. The track roller is a rotates around the spindle in contact with the pallet chain on crawler construction and excavation machines. Both rollers are made of steel and TSE standards.Each rollers produced; high quality and passing through our control mechanism is available for your use.

  • Single and double flange track rollers and carrier rollers suitable for crawler machines ranging from 0.8 to 70tons.
  • Heat treated; a longer wear life thanks to the deepening steel casting, Large oil reservoir available
  • The bearing is mounted on the press. It is hardened to OEM standards to reduce wear and friction on bush surfaces.
  • Double bed seals are used to improve performance. Thanks to these seal bearings, it maximizes the working life of the component and ensures efficient operation even under the most demanding operating conditions and in any environmental environment.

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